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List Of Hercules And Xena Characters - Gods - Olympian Gods
... She is the half-sister of Hercules and other gods as well ... Her son is Cupid God of Love ... Apollo (portrayed by Scott Michaelson) - Apollo is the Greek God of the Sun and son of Zeus and Leto ...
Golden Girdle Of Gaea - Comic Book History
... Originally when the Themyscirian Amazons were created by the Olympian gods, they assigned Hippolyta and Antiope to rule as co-queens to the new nation ... Eventually the demi-god Heracles was successful in stealing Hippolyta's belt at the urging of his half-brother Ares ... After denouncing the Olympian gods for perceived false judgement, Antiope gave Hippolyta her girdle and left the Amazon nation with a group of faithful Amazons ...
List Of Characters In The Percy Jackson And The Olympians Series And In The Heroes Of Olympus Series - Olympian Gods
... Zeus/Jupiter The king of the gods, lord of the sky, and god of lightning ... but has only small roles in the rest of Percy Jackson the Olympians ... under the influence of Khione, Zeus forbids contact between gods and mortals and closes down Olympus, although he indirectly aids the demigods several times on their quest ...

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    The Olympian gods cannot have grand passions because they cannot die.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)