Old Fields

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Ice Fields of The World - Europe
... The only large ice fields in mainland Europe are in Norway (e.g ... There are a several dozen small ice fields in the Alps and tiny remnants of permanent ice in Sweden, the Apennines, the Pyrenees and the Balkans ... disappearance of the last remaining ice field in AndalucĂ­a, with the eventual disappearance of the Corral del Veluta glacier in 1913, the southernmost surviving permanent ice field in ...
Old Fields, West Virginia - History
... The South Branch was being settled by whites in the 1730s and '40s ... According to Samuel Kercheval, these settlers "On the Wappatomaka...discovered...considerable openings of the land, or natural prairies, which are called the 'Indian old fields' to this day ...
Deinterlacing - Background
... In analog television, each frame is divided into two consecutive fields, one containing all even lines, another with the odd lines ... The fields are captured in succession at a rate twice that of the nominal frame rate ... For instance, PAL and SECAM systems have a rate of 25 frames/s or 50 fields/s, while the NTSC system delivers 29.97 frames/s or 59.94 fields/s ...

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    I don’t pop my cork for ev’ry guy I see.
    —Dorothy Fields (1904–1974)

    The greatest delight which the fields and woods minister, is the suggestion of an occult relation between man and the vegetable. I am not alone and unacknowledged. They nod to me, and I to them.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)