Oklahoma Office of State Finance - Overview - Capital Asset Management Division

Capital Asset Management Division

The Capital Asset Management Division (DCAM) is responsible for providing services to help manage and support the basic functioning of all state agencies. DCAM provides government-wide operation and maintenance of state property, buildings, and equipment, and manages the sale of surplus items. DCAM also manages the state motor vehicle fleet and provides government-wide risk management, printing and distribution.

The DCAM's Office of Facilities Management is responsible for operating and maintain seventeen buildings, including the Oklahoma State Capitol and the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion. In total, the Division manages approximately two million square feet.

The following is a list of facilities within the State Capitol Complex under the control of the Division and the agencies they house:

  • Oklahoma Governor's Mansion - 820 N.E. 23rd St
  • Oklahoma State Capitol - 2300 N. Lincoln
    • Governor of Oklahoma
    • Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma
    • Oklahoma House of Representatives
    • Oklahoma Senate
    • Oklahoma Supreme Court
    • Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals
    • Oklahoma State Treasurer
    • Oklahoma Secretary of State
    • Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector
    • Oklahoma Office of State Finance
    • Oklahoma Ethics Commission
    • Oklahoma State Election Board
  • Denver Davison Court Building - 1915 N. Stiles
    • Oklahoma Workers Compensation Court
  • Neal A. McCaleb Building - 200 N.E. 21st
    • Oklahoma Department of Transportation
  • Jim Thorpe Building - 2101 N. Lincoln
    • Oklahoma Office of Personnel Management
    • Oklahoma Corporation Commission
  • Department of Agriculture Building - 2800 N. Lincoln
    • Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry
    • Oklahoma Conservation Commission
  • State Banking Department Building - 2900 N. Lincoln
  • M. C. Connors Building - 2501 N. 25th
    • Oklahoma Tax Commission
  • Oliver Hodge Education Building - 2500 N 25th
    • Oklahoma State Department of Education
  • Sequoyah Building - 2400 N. 24th
    • Oklahoma Department of Human Services
  • Will Rogers Building - 2401 N. 24th
    • Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
    • Oklahoma Department of Central Services
    • Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management
  • Attorney General Building - 313 N.E. 21st
    • Oklahoma Attorney General

The following is a list of major state facilities not under the control of the Division and the agencies they house:

  • Department of Public Safety Building - 3600 N. Martin Luther King
    • Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
  • Department of Corrections Building - 3400 N. Martin Luther King
    • Oklahoma Department of Corrections
  • Department of Health Building - 120 N. Robinson
    • Oklahoma State Department of Health
    • Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation
  • Department of Commerce Building - 900 N. Stiles
    • Oklahoma Department of Commerce
  • Department of Mental Health Building - 1200 NE. 13th
    • Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
  • Lincoln Plaza Office Complex - 4545 N. Lincoln
    • Oklahoma Health Care Authority
    • Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit
  • Department of Environmental Quality Building - 707 N. Robinson
    • Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

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