Ogham Inscriptions

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Ogham Inscription
... There are roughly 400 known ogham inscriptions on stone monuments scattered around the Irish Sea, the bulk of them dating to the 5th and 6th centuries ... Ogham itself is an Early Medieval form of alphabet or cypher, sometimes known as the "Celtic Tree Alphabet" ... This covers the inscriptions known by the 1940s ...
Primitive Irish - Characteristics
... Transcribed ogham inscriptions, which lack a letter for the /p/ phoneme, show Primitive Irish to be similar in morphology and inflections to Gaulish ... More than 300 ogham inscriptions are known in Ireland, including 121 in County Kerry and 81 in County Cork, and more than 75 found outside Ireland in western Britain and the Isle of Man, including more than 40 in ... Many of the British inscriptions are bilingual in Irish and Latin, but none show any sign of the influence of Christianity or Christian epigraphic ...
Scholastic Ogham - Manuscript Traditions On Pragmatic Use of Ogham - Cryptic
... Some of the messages are referred to as being written in a cryptic form of ogham called Ogam fortgithe ... poet to Feradach, king of Scotland who notices a cryptic ogham inscription ( Ogam fortgithe ) on Corc’s shield ... He informs Corc that the inscription says that if Corc should arrive at Feradach’s court by day, he is to be killed by night if he should arrive by ...

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    “Our earth is degenerate in these latter days. Bribery and corruption are common. Children no longer obey their parents. . . . The end of the world is evidently approaching.” Sound familiar? It is, in fact, the lament of a scribe in one of the earliest inscriptions to be unearthed in Mesopotamia, where Western civilization was born.
    C. John Sommerville (20th century)