Ogallala can refer to:

  • Ogallala, Nebraska
  • Ogallala Aquifer
  • Ogallala Commons
  • Oglala Lakota (Sioux)

Other articles related to "ogallala":

Llano Estacado - Geology
... The Ogallala Group is a late Neogene (Pliocene) sheet of sediments spread over the area east of the Rocky Mountains from Wyoming to Texas, rather recently in a geological sense, when the Colorado Plateau and ... In the northern areas, the Ogallala was spread over Paleogene and Cretaceous rocks ... The Ogallala was laid down over all of this by lazy, sandy streams near sea level, which produced the flatness of its surface ...
Chase County, Nebraska - Geography
... The Ogallala Formation of Pliocene Age overlies the Pierre Shale ... The Ogallala Formation is composed of fine to course sand, some gravel, calcareous silt, silty sands, silts and clays ... The Ogallala beds lie almost horizontal and structural irregularities, such as faulting, have been observed in the area ...
Ken Schilz
... Ken Schilz (born January 17, 1969, in Ogallala, Nebraska) is a Nebraska state senator from Ogallala, Nebraska, United States, in the Nebraska Legislature ... He lives in Ogallala Nebraska and helps on his family-owned farm ...
Ogallala Commons
... Ogallala Commons is a nonprofit resource development network whose activities are focused on the region of the U.S ... overlying the High Plains-Ogallala Aquifer, covering about 174,000 square miles (451,000 km2) across parts of eight Great Plains states ... A major program that Ogallala Commons offers to re-invigorate the region’s commonwealth is its Community Internship Program ...