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The Royal Mews contain a rare Rolls-Royce Phantom IV, which was purchased by Princess Elizabeth in 1950, becoming a state car upon her accession to the throne as Queen Elizabeth II in 1952. There are also two Rolls-Royce Phantom VI models, including the bespoke Silver Jubilee Car, with a raised roof for enhanced visibility, presented by the British motor industry in 1977, as well as a standard model from 1986. The fleet is completed by three Daimler DS420 limousines, one of which was previously owned by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother until her death in 2002, which are normally used as support vehicles. There is also an open-top Range Rover for parades and other official rides. The Queen and other members of the royal family can stand up in the back seat for good visibility. In 2012 a custombuild stretched Jaguar XJ limousine was added to the royal fleet.

All the official royal cars are painted claret and black, and have a flagpole on the roof. Under British law, the monarch's State vehicles do not possess registration plates (although the three Daimler models do have them); but the monarch's personal vehicles and those of other members of the Royal Family do.

The state cars are sometimes used when the Queen is travelling abroad and are also made available for visiting heads of state and other members of the royal family on official business. One state car (commonly the rarely used Phantom IV model) is usually on display at the Royal Mews in Buckingham Palace.

A pair of 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V state cars (retired from the working fleet after the Bentleys were acquired in 2002) can now be seen on public display. One is kept in the purpose-built garage aboard the former Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh, and the other at the royal motor museum at Sandringham.

Prince Charles uses an armoured Bentley Turbo R, Range Rover, Jaguar XJ or Audi A6. On state occasions, he is often seen in the Silver Jubilee Car, which lost the designation of "Number One State Car" (the vehicle most frequently used by the Queen) following the delivery of the Bentley State Limousines. On the evening of 9 December 2010, the car was attacked by student protestors as it carried the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to the Royal Variety Performance in London. The couple were unhurt, but the car, which was not armoured, was spattered with paint and one of the side windows was smashed.

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