Official State Car - Norway


New "parade" limousine 2012, a Binz limousine, first seen on Christmas 2012. The King of Norway, Harald V, uses a Lexus LS 600h limousine, acquired in early 2008. The Royal Family of Norway also uses a 2007 Audi A8, an E65 and an E67 BMW 7 Series, an old Lincoln Continental Cabriolet, a couple of stretched Cadillac Deville (Superior Commercial Glass) and a couple of stretched Volvo S80 (Nilsson). The BMWs are often driven by the King and Queen themselves.

The Prime Minister of Norway uses an armored BMW 750Li. The previous BMW 7-Series was not used since its weight exceeded certain regulations. The Prime Minister of Norway are escorted by various BMW X5s and Audi A6s driven by agents of the SMK and the Norwegian Police Service.

Various government officials are often transported in an Audi A6, a Mercedes E-Class or a Volvo S80.

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