Officers Commissioned

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British Army During World War I - Commanders - Officer Selection
... In August 1914, there were 28,060 officers in the British Army, of which 12,738 were regular officers, the rest were in the reserves ... The number of officers in the army had increased to 164,255 by November 1918 ... These were survivors among the 247,061 officers who had been granted a commission during the war ...
Uniforms And Insignia Of The Schutzstaffel - Uniforms Designs and Styles - SS Uniforms of World War II (1939–1945)
... the rank of SS-Oberführer lost its status as a general officer rank and was instead now regarded as more of a senior colonel position ... Waffen-SS officers could also hold a regular or reserve commission, with most Allgemeine-SS members being appointed to the Waffen-SS reserves (the intent was to easily be able to place such members ... At the same time the collar patches for general officers were revised the 1942 pattern used three oakleaves, rather straighter than the old style, with ...

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    He crafted his writing and loved listening to those tiny explosions when the active brutality of verbs in revolution raced into sweet established nouns to send marching across the page a newly commissioned army of words-on-maneuvers, all decorated in loops, frets, and arrowlike flourishes.
    Alexander Theroux (b. 1940)

    You know, what I very well know, that I bought you. And I know, what perhaps you think I don’t know, you are now selling yourselves to somebody else; and I know, what you do not know, that I am buying another borough. May God’s curse light upon you all: may your houses be as open and common to all Excise Officers as your wifes and daughters were to me, when I stood for your scoundrel corporation.
    Anthony Henley (d. 1745)