Offensive Realism

Offensive realism is a structural theory belonging to the realist school of thought first postulated by John Mearsheimer that holds the anarchic nature of the international system responsible for aggressive state behaviour in international politics. It fundamentally differs from defensive realism by depicting great powers as power-maximising revisionists privileging buck-passing over balancing strategies in their ultimate aim to dominate the international system. The theory brings important contributions for the study and understanding of international relations but remains nonetheless the subject of criticism.

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Offensive Realism - Contributions and Criticism - Theoretical Flaws
... To begin with, scholars have pointed out several logical issues within Mearsheimer’s offensive realism ... rejects Mearsheimer’s view of the security dilemma as "a synoptic statement of offensive realism." He argues that offensive realism’s positing of all states as revisionists removes the central ... Toft indicates flaws relating to offensive realism’s level of analysis ...
Security Dilemma - Offensive Realism
... Offensive realism and defensive realism are variants of structural realism ... relations theory.) However, contrary to defensive realism, offensive realism regards states as aggressive power maximizers and not as security ... can never be sure that other states do not have offensive intentions to go along with their offensive capabilities.” According to Mearsheimer, though achieving hegemony by any state is not likely in today ...
Balance Of Power In International Relations - Offensive and Defensive Realist Views - Offensive Realism
... Further information Offensive realism Offensive realists accept that threatened states usually balance against dangerous foes, however, they maintain that balancing ... Buck-passing, rather than joining a balancing coalition is another tactic offensive realists point to when disputing the balance of power theory ... Offensive realists believe that internal balancing measures such as increasing defense spending, implementing conscription, are only effective to a certain extent as there are usually significant limits on how many ...

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    Placing the extraordinary at the center of the ordinary, as realism does, is a great comfort to us stay-at-homes.
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