Oettinger may refer to:

  • Günther Oettinger, a politician
  • Konrad Öttinger, Reformation-era German Protestant theologian
  • Oettinger Beer
  • a resident of Oettingen in Bayern
  • Oettinger (tuner), the oldest VW tuner

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Volvo 300 Series - Model Designations and Special Editions
... A similar model was the 343 Oettinger ... The Oettinger was modified by the VW Audi Group tuning company Oettinger, and was released in 1979 ... The 343 Oettinger was available in both red and silver metallic ...
Hans Filbinger - Subsequent Events
... On 11 April 2007, Günther Oettinger, the current Minister President of Baden-Württemberg, held a controversial eulogy during the memorial service for his ... In his speech Oettinger described Filbinger as "not a National-Socialist" but an "an opponent of the Nazi regime", who could flee the constraints of the regime as little as million ... Oettinger was subsequently accused by politicians and the media of diminishing the significance of the Nazi dictatorship ...
Günther Oettinger - Eulogy Controversy
... On 11 April 2007, Oettinger held a controversial eulogy on one of his predecessors as Minister President of Baden-Württemberg, Hans Filbinger, who was forced to resign in 1978 ... In his speech at the memorial service in Freiburg, Oettinger described Filbinger as "not a National-Socialist" but as "an opponent of the Nazi regime", who "could flee the constraints of the ... Referring to Filbinger's role as a navy judge, Oettinger pointed out that no-one lost his life because of a verdict by Filbinger and that he did not wield the power and freedom suggested by his critics ...
Günther Oettinger - Political Career
... Oettinger embarked on his political career as a member of the Junge Union, the youth organisation of the CDU he was chairman of the organization in Baden-Wür ... Oettinger has been a member of the State parliament (Landtag) of Baden-Württemberg since 1984 ... Oettinger was voted his successor after internal party pre-elections ...