Obstetric Fistula

Obstetric fistula (or vaginal fistula) is a severe medical condition in which a fistula (hole) develops between either the rectum and vagina (see rectovaginal fistula) or between the bladder and vagina (see vesicovaginal fistula) after severe or failed childbirth, when adequate medical care is not available. It is considered a disease of poverty because of its tendency to plague women in poor countries who do not have the health resources of developed nations.

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Obstetric Fistula - Policy and NGO Efforts - Community Organizations and Post-operative Services
... Recovering fistula patients in the post-operative period need support to fully reintegrate into society ... Since poverty is an indirect cause of obstetric fistula, some community organizations aim to provide post-operative services to enhance the women's socioeconomic situation ... Another organization, IAMANEH Suisse, identifies Malian fistula patients, facilitates operations for those without the financial means, and helps them access follow-up ...