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Neophile - Types
... Raymond observes that this personality is especially prevalent in certain fields of expertise in business, these are primarily computer science and other areas of high technology ... Raymond observes a high concentration of neophiles in or around what he calls "leading edge subcultures" such as science fiction fandom, neo-paganism, transhumanism, etc ... Raymond observes that most neophiles have roving interests and tend to be widely well-read ...
Axiom Of Reducibility - Criticism of The Axiom of Reducibility - Stephen Kleene 1952
... Kleene observes that "to exclude impredicative definitions within a type, the types above type 0 are further separated into orders ... Kleene, however, parenthetically observes that "the logicistic definition of natural number now becomes predicative when the P in it is specified to range only over properties of a given order in case the ... He observes that, whereas Principia Mathematica is presented as derived from intuitively-derived axioms that "were intended to be believed about the world, or at least to be accepted as plausible hypotheses ...
Imperial Bedrooms - Reception
... in the past to the earlier schools of feminist criticism today, he observes young girls "reading the works correctly", opining the books shouldn't be read through ... as well fellow writer Jay McInerney observes that "The last few pages of are among the most moving passages I know in recent American fiction.. ... Bret was coming to terms with his relationship with his father in that book." Vice observes that the "final passages in both Imperial Bedrooms and Lunar Park pack ...
... Kleinig, professor of Philosophy at City University of New York, observes that over the years the idea has been treated by creative writers from ... Encyclopaedia of Philosophy in 1967, observes that by that time the subject had received "scant attention in philosophical literature" ... Kleinig observes that from the 1980s onwards, the subject gained attention, with philosophers variously relating it to (amongst other things) professional ethics, whistleblowing, friendship, and virtue theory ...
Anecdote Of Canna
... X promenades the dewy stones, Observes the canna with a clinging eye, Observes and then continues to observe In the poem's legerdemain the cryptic middle stanza conceals the sleight of hand ... would be like X in Stevens' 'Anecdote of Canna'," Buttel writes, "who at daybreak 'Observes the Canna with a clinging eye,' as though for the first time." ...

Famous quotes containing the word observes:

    There is a very remarkable inclination in human nature to bestow on external objects the same emotions which it observes in itself, and to find every where those ideas which are most present to it.
    David Hume (1711–1776)

    Reinhold Niebuhr observes that the sad duty of politics is to establish justice in a sinful world.
    Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.)

    God makes the covenant, and observes it as He pleases.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)