NTUC Fair Price - History - Eco-friendly


In December 2009, FairPrice stepped up its commitment to environmentally friendly practices by launching Singapore’s first eco-friendly supermarket at City Square Mall.

Designed with the basic principle of reduce, reuse and recycle in mind, this pilot eco-friendly FairPrice supermarket, measuring about 2,244 square metres, is a showcase of the latest eco-friendly solutions in grocery retailing. These include usage of recycled and biodegradable materials for store fixtures, energy-saving equipment and lighting, green products and services, as well as cutting edge “Green Technology”.

Energy-saving features like LED lighting, T5 (28 watts) fluorescent tubes, energy saving refrigeration units, and motion sensor lighting control in office and staff areas help to reduce the energy consumption of FairPrice’s eco-friendly store by about 30 per cent, compared to using standard equipment and fittings.

Other green touches include the use of non-toxic, environment friendly paint for walls and columns, ceiling boards and seats made from recycled materials like compressed board and mineral wood, and the use of wooden pallets made from recycled wood waste. Fixtures from other stores have also been reused and integrated into the overall design of the NTUC FairPrice City Square Mall branch.

The eco-friendly supermarket will also use 100% biodegradable shopping bags – environmentally friendly alternatives to the usual plastic bags, that are made from 40 per cent corn and yam starch, and 60 per cent polypropylene.

Apart from this, customers who bring their own reusable grocery bags not only get to utilise dedicated check-out lanes but also enjoy rebates through the ongoing Green Rewards programme. Since this programme was introduced in 2007, FairPrice has saved more than 43 million plastic bags and given out more than $500,000 in rebates to customers and these practices are a Eco Friendly Initiative which is in line with the strict 'International Standards' required by 'Eco Friendly Approved' www.ecofriendlyapproved.com and endorsed by 'Oceans 5' www.oceans-5.com .

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