NSB Class 86


NSB Class 86 (Norwegian: NSB type 86) is a class of diesel-hydraulic multiple units built by Strømmens Værksted for the Norwegian State Railways (NSB). Thirty-eight motor cars and thirty-one trailers were built between 1937 and 1954, split between six subtypes designated a through f. Class 91 was a further delivery of ten units that had a more comfortable interior and designed for regional trains. The trains had good accelearation and a maximum speed of 100 kilometres per hour (62 mph), which made them suitable for most unelectrified lines in Norway. As most of the network gradually became electrified, the class became increasingly used on branch lines.

The oldest units were originally equipped with MAN and DWK prime movers. Later models received prime moves from Hercules. From the 1960s, all trains not retired received two Rolls-Royce C6SFLH engines with a power output of 158 kilowatts (212 hp) each. The class was taken out of regular service in 1994 and retired in 1996. Thirteen motor units and nine trailers have been preserved by various heritage railways and museums in Norway and Denmark.

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