Nowhere Boy - Plot


The drama tells the story of John Lennon's (Aaron Johnson) teenage years from 1955–1960.

John Lennon, having been separated from his mother when he was five, learns that his mother attended the funeral of his late Uncle George. Lennon becomes curious and searches for his mother, before finally meeting her. After John and his mother, Julia, visit Blackpool for the day, John starts to become obsessed with rock 'n' roll music.

After John is suspended from his school, Quarry Bank High, he agrees with Julia to stay at her house every day after leaving his home to avoid being caught by his aunt, Mimi Smith. During this time, Julia teaches John how to play the banjo. Mimi eventually finds out and demands John to return to his home, Mendips, but John refuses. A week later, after hearing an argument between Julia and her husband, he decides to return to Mendips.

John, now obsessed with music, reveals he wants to start a rock 'n' roll group. After Mimi buys him a guitar and he organizes his friends to play with him, John performs at a village fete with his band, named The Quarrymen. After the show, John meets Paul McCartney, who plays "Twenty Flight Rock" by Eddie Cochran. Paul is accepted into the band and the two begin writing songs.

The Quarrymen soon become more popular, even through many troubles, such as Mimi selling John's guitar. After a show, John meets Paul's friend, George Harrison, on the top of a late night bus. After George plays guitar for John, he is accepted into the band as lead guitarist.

Julia holds a birthday party for John at her home, where John confronts her about the whereabouts of his father, Alf Lennon, and why he had to live with Mimi. After returning to Mendips and arguing with Mimi, Mimi tells him that Julia cheated on Alf when he was young and refused to work on the marriage. Alf asked John who he wanted to stay with for the rest of his life, as Alf was planning on taking John to New Zealand, and John chose his father. After Julia walked out, John ran after her. That is when Mimi took John and raised him as her son. John soon leaves in anger.

Tensions start to clear between John, Julia and Mimi after John moves out. Mimi and Julia start to get along until Julia is hit and killed by a driver. John, for years afterwards, becomes an angry person.

A couple of years later, John asks Mimi for his passports, as he is going to Hamburg with the newly formed Beatles. Mimi tells John to call her as soon as he arrives in Hamburg. The film ends with John walking away from Mendips with the caption "John phoned Mimi as soon as he arrived him Hamburg...and every week thereafter for the rest of his life".

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