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Svobodnoe Prostranstvo ("Free Space", Russian: Свободное Пространство), which formerly was a colour supplement to Novaya Gazeta, is included in the Friday issue.

Novaya Gazeta issues regularly contain free inserts of its side-projects or other newly launched newspapers. United Civil Front newspaper (by the corresponding organisation) and Yabloko's newspaper were published in the form of such inserts in the past.

Current inserts are Shofyor ("Driver" or "chauffeur", Russian: Шофёр) side-project, popular-scientific Kentavr ("Centaur", Russian: Кентавр).

Le Monde diplomatique (Russian version) has been promoted by means of being issued as such inserts for one year. The number of subscribers after that has amounted to 43 and continuation of issuing the insert has been considered senseless.

Novaya Gazeta has published The New York Times International Weekly on Fridays since 2009. This 8-page supplement features a selection of articles from The New York Times translated into Russian.

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