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Apma Language - Grammar - Nouns
... Nouns in Apma are generally not preceded by articles ... is indicated by placing the pronoun nii ("them") or a number after the noun bwihil = bird bwihil nii = birds bwihil katsil = three birds Nouns may be either free, or directly possessed ... Directly possessed nouns are suffixed to indicate whom an item belongs to ...
Classifier (linguistics) - Noun Classifiers Vs. Noun Classes
... The concept of noun classifier is distinct from that of noun class ... Classifier systems typically involve 20 or more classifiers (separate lexemes that co-occur with the noun) ... One hundred classifiers are common, and 400 are attested ...
Classifier (linguistics) - Definition and Examples
... In a language with noun classifiers, a noun may or may not be accompanied by a noun classifier, which shows a conceptual classification of the referent of a noun (not the noun itself ... Noun classifiers are not grammatical but lexical items, and a language may have hundreds of noun classifiers ... For instance, in Mandarin Chinese, the general noun classifier for humans is ge (個), and it is used for counting humans, whatever they are called 3-ge xuesheng (三個學生) lit ...

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    It will be proved to thy face that thou hast men about thee that usually talk of a noun and a verb and such abominable words as no Christian ear can endure to hear.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)