North Oscura Peak - Failsafes During Tests

Failsafes During Tests

During a test, North Oscura and Salinas Peaks are in constant communications, and a laser cannot propagate unless several failsafe measures are in force at both locations. These are among the safety precautions in place to ensure eye-safe operations. North Oscura Peak was a former Army missile tracking site. Designed to withstand rocket strikes, the walls at the site are 4 feet (1.2 m) thick, with 1,200 tons of concrete embedded six feet in bedrock. The Directed Energy Directorate refurbished the site in June 1997, spending approximately $700,000 to repair the buildings, bring in the telescope, build a clean room, and install lasers, advanced optics, computers and test instrumentation. The money also included improvements to the receiver station at Salinas Peak, where three portable shelters, an electronics room and an optics room were installed.

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