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Gagauz People - Etymology
... The Encyclopedia of World cultures lists the ethnonym of the Gagauz as "Turkish speaking Bulgars" ... Gagauz in Bulgaria—mention that only their neighbors used the ethnonym Ga ga uz, partly as an insult ... The etymology of the ethnonym Gagauz is as unclear as their history ...
Ethnonym - Linguistics
... In English, ethnonyms are generally formulated through suffixation by applying an -n to people of Austria, their nationality is known as Austrian ... the word for the dominant language of a group is identical to their English-language ethnonym the French speak French, the Germans speak German ... Generally, any group of people may have numerous ethnonyms associated with the political affiliation with a state or a province, with geographical landmark, with the language, or another ...
Serer People - Ethnonym
1 ... From the Serer Wolof word reer meaning 'misplaced', i.e ...
Srbi - Anthropology - Ethnonym
... There are several theories on the etymology of the ethnonym Serbs ... (< *serb-) is the root of the Proto-Slavic word for "same" (as in "same people"), found in Russian and Ukrainian (сербать), Belarussian (сербаць), Slovak (srbati), Bulgarian (сърбам), Old Russian (серебати) ...
Origin Of The Serbs
... There are opinions that ethnonym Serbs possibly has a different root ... several theories about the origin of the Serb ethnonym and their opinions are based on the data from historical sources that mentioning Serb ethnonym or other Serb-sounding names in other parts of the Old World ...