Norsk Museumstog

The Norwegian Heritage Trains (NMT) is doing restoration, preservation and operation of Classic Trains at the normal gauge part of the Norwegian railway network. The activity of NMT is not run for the purpose of profit. All income of the activity is solely used for the preservation of Norwegian railway history so that the coming generations will be allowed to experience and learn transport by train of the 19th and 20th centuries. All the members of NMT are volunteers and their Classic train activities are under government supervision.

Railway museums and heritage railways in Norway
  • Norwegian Railway Museum
  • Bergen's Electric Tramway
  • Lommedalen Line
  • Norwegian Heritage Trains
  • Oslo Tramway Museum
  • Trondheim Tramway Museum
Heritage railways
  • GM-Gruppen
  • Krøderen Line
  • Nesttun–Os Line
  • Old Voss Line
  • Rjukan Line
  • Setesdal Line
  • Thamshavn Line
  • Urskog–Høland Line
  • Valdres Line
History of rail transport in Norway
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