Normal Shock

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Normal Shock Tables - Normal Shock Table Equations
... and the ratio of specific heats, the post normal shock Mach number, can be calculated using the equation below ... shows the relationship between the post normal shock pressure, and the upstream ambient pressure ... The relationship between the post normal shock density, and the upstream ambient density, is shown next in the tables ...
Normal Shock Tables
... The Normal shock tables are a series of tabulated data listing the various properties before and after the occurrence of a normal shock wave ... With a given upstream Mach number, the post-shock Mach number can be calculated along with the pressure, density, temperature, and stagnation pressure ratios ... useful since the equations used to calculate the properties after a normal shock are cumbersome ...
Fanno Flow - Applications
... nozzle exit Mach number and the location of a normal shock in the constant area duct ... However, these figures show the shock wave before it has moved entirely through the duct ... If a shock wave is present, the flow transitions from the supersonic portion of the Fanno line to the subsonic portion before continuing towards M = 1 ...
Oblique Shock Wave Applications
... Oblique shock waves are used predominantly in engineering applications when compared with normal shock waves ... This can be attributed to the fact that using one or a combination of oblique shock waves results in more favorable post-shock conditions (lower post-shock temperature, etc.) when compared to ... jet engine inlets were designed using compression from a single normal shock, but this approach caps the maximum achievable Mach number to roughly 1.6 ...

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