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Proto-Indo-European Verbs - Conjugations - Present Classes - Primary Present-tense Verbs
... Type 1 Simple athematic verbs Type 1a (normal) with alternating normal-grade, root accent and zero-grade, ending accent Type 1b (Narten) with mostly root accent and alternating lengthened/normal grade (accordi ... In athematic type, full-grade forms have full grade and accent on the infix/suffix the root itself is always unstressed, zero-grade ... Type 5 Primary -y- verbs, thematic Type 5a Full-grade, stem-stressed, mostly transitive Type 5b Zero-grade, ending-stressed, mostly intransitive and in middle voice Type 9 Primary -sḱ- verbs, thematic Type ...

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    Life begins at six—at least in the minds of six-year-olds. . . . In kindergarten you are the baby. In first grade you put down the baby. . . . Every first grader knows in some osmotic way that this is real life. . . . First grade is the first step on the way to a place in the grown-up world.
    Stella Chess (20th century)

    Literature is a defense against the attacks of life. It says to life: “You can’t deceive me. I know your habits, foresee and enjoy watching all your reactions, and steal your secret by involving you in cunning obstructions that halt your normal flow.”
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