• (verb): Charge with a function; charge to be.
    Synonyms: name, make
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Some articles on nominate:

Crotalus Durissus - Taxonomy
... In fact, after the previous nominate subspecies for the durissus complex became the current nominate for C ... dryinus became the new nominate for the South American rattlesnakes as represented by C ...
Mountain Swiftlet
... The species is divided into three subspecies, with the nominate, A ... The subspecies vary slightly from the nominate race, A ... excelsus is larger than the nominate race ...
Big Brother (UK Series 9) - Nominations Table - Notes
... process in Week 3 as he was a new housemate meaning he couldn't nominate or be nominated by fellow housemates ... by sending him to jail, meaning he could not nominate ... He was then allowed to nominate ...
Big Brother Australia - Format - Nominations
... housemates who they have previously nominated, who they plan to nominate in the future, or who their Twist has been used on and they must not engage in conjecture about who may attract ... fines, punishment, or loss of the right to nominate in the following round ... companion in the rewards room were permitted to privately discuss who they plan to nominate, whilst in the rewards room ...
Golden-throated Barbet
... The adult northern nominate form has a red and yellow crown, black eyestripe, white lower face neck, and yellow throat ... franklinii, the nominate race, occurs from India east to northern Laos and southwestern China, M ... It resembles the nominate form ...

More definitions of "nominate":

  • (verb): Put forward; nominate for appointment to an office.
    Synonyms: propose
  • (verb): Create and charge with a task or function.
    Example: "Nominate a committee"
    Synonyms: appoint, name, constitute