Noble Titles

Noble Titles

Traditional rank amongst European royalty, peers, and nobility is rooted in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Although they vary over time and between geographic regions (for example, one region's prince might be equal to another's grand duke), the following is a reasonably comprehensive list that provides information on both general ranks and specific differences.

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Serbian Titles - Noble Titles
... Grand Čelnik The Grand Čelnik was the highest court title of the Serbian Despotate, and the title-holders held great provinces, property, and honours ... Župan - County lord or Duke The title would be given to a family member or 'important' court member that would govern a region/fief ... administrative unit, Kaznac treasurer Tepčija It was given to the educators of younger nobles in the royal court, comes curialis, and other court ...
Brazilian Nobility - History
... The noble titles were a sign of political power among the elite ... Some of the nobles were direct descendants of the Portuguese nobility, and even of the high nobility, especially the families that arrived during the first. 1815, led to the creation of the first Brazilian noble titles ...
Noble Titles - Aristocratic Titles in Medieval Korea
... the Kingdom of Korea, similarly to the Chinese Empire, there were 7 aristocratic titles Gun (i.e ...
House Of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen - Noble Jurisdictions, Titles and Styles - Romania - Noble Titles
... The head of the Romanian branch is a pretender to the title of King of the Romanians The first degree descendants of the head of the Romanian branch born within holy matrimony and in good standing ...
Spanish Nobility - Succession
... The evidence supporting one's claim to a title may be reviewed by the Deputation of Grandees and Titled Nobles of the Kingdom (Diputación de Grandes y Títulos del Reino) ... The body includes eight grandees, eight nobles who are not grandees, and a president who must hold both a grandeeship and a hereditary title without grandeeship ... Succession to Spanish noble titles is hereditary, but not automatic ...

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    Lear. Dost thou call me fool, boy?
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