No Warning (science Fiction Series)

No Warning (science Fiction Series)

No Warning is an ongoing Science Fiction drama concerning the struggle of the Nexus, humanity's last hope, against the ancient Fraternity of the Eternal Brotherhood, who are beginning to emerge after a long period in hiding. The series, composed of short films and additional interactive material, is distributed online. The first short film premiered in March 2008, and at the time of writing there are six episodes. It is planned to produce new episodes on a regular basis.

The series is written and directed by Northern Irish film-maker Bill Taylor, and is an independent production. No Warning is located and shot in Northern Ireland, and utilises the rich vein of local talent available there. The drama uses several innovative techniques to help unfold the storyline, including the use of graphical and textual codes. The puzzles are relayed to the audience via an internet forum, and community participation is encouraged in their solving. No Warning belongs to the expanding genre of Internet Television Series, and enjoys a growing audience on YouTube and the No Warning website.

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No Warning (science Fiction Series) - The Characters
... Character Played by Summary John James Tumilty One of the gamers from Episode 1 ... Goes offline to sort out a network problem, never to be seen again ...

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