No Comment (Front 242 Album) - Track Listing - Epic CD Version (1992)

Epic CD Version (1992)

No. Title Length
1. "Commando Mix" 9:23
2. "Deceit" 3:44
3. "Lovely Day" 5:23
4. "No Shuffle" 3:50
5. "Special Forces" 5:23
6. "S.FR.Nomenklatura I" 4:26
7. "S.FR.Nomenklatura II" 2:10
8. "Body To Body" 4:15
9. "See the Future" (Live) 6:20
10. "In November" 2:37
11. "Special Forces" (Demo) 4:50
Total length: 52:21

The 1992 Epic Records rerelease of No Comment slightly changed the EBM reference, which read "Electronic body music recorded on 8 tracks". The track Body to Body originally appeared on the This Is Electronic Body Music in 1988, which included a number of electronic body music tracks from various artists.

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