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Shi'a Imams - Imams - Ismaili View
... See also Imamah (Nizari Ismaili doctrine) and Ismailism The Ismailis differ greatly from the Twelvers because of having a living Imam for centuries after the last Twelver imam went into concealment ... The Ismailis believe that whether Imam Ismail did or did not die before Imam Jafar al-Sadiq, he had passed on the mantle of the Imamat to his son Muḥammad bin Ismail as the next Imam ... given in brackets) Ali ibn Abi Talib (632–661) - the Mustali sect of Ismailis consider the first Imam Ali to be at a higher designation than their other Imams i.e ...
Chanto - Use
... Chanta are performed by Ismaili as a method of seeking forgiveness for past and future sins ... performed every "Chand Raat" (new moon celebration) and as part of Ismaili funeral rites ... Once a year, on Laylat ul-Qadr (the night of power), Ismailis perform a series of fifteen Chanta both as a way to seek forgiveness and as a reminder of the ...
Aga Khan IV - Personal Finances
... that some of the world's 15 million Ismaili Muslims pay him each year, which is at least 12.5% of each Nizari Ismaili's gross annual income] – an amount that he will not disclose but which may reach hundreds of ... interview with London journalists, approximately one year after becoming the 49th Imam of the Nizari Ismaili community, the Aga Khan claimed that the tithes are voluntary and are used "...e ... on the tithes being voluntary contradicts the statement of his grandfather – the previous Nizari Ismaili Imam, the Aga Khan III – based on the latter's 1948 ...

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