Nintendo Game Cube Linux

Nintendo Game Cube Linux

Nintendo GameCube Linux is a project to port Linux to the Nintendo GameCube (and now the Wii) in the same manner as Xbox Linux.

The GameCube was seen to be a less attractive system to port Linux to since it not only lacked an on-board ethernet port and internal hard drive, but also an optical drive natively capable of reading DVDs.

Nintendo GameCube Linux also recognizes SD Cards and Multimedia Cards and is able to use them normally, given the appropriate adaptor.

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Nintendo Game Cube Linux - Alternate Loading Methods
... As the kernel can start the root filesystem from any of a number of different sources (over a network, from an SD card or from a DVD for example), the initial challenge is to load the kernel although the original mechanism grew from the original PSO exploit, its later development was shaped by the development of first the anaconda recode, and then a method called SDLoad ... SDLoad was reliant upon the fact that the Action Replay disc, produced by Codejunkies, allows the user to alter code in a game in Memory ...

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