Nintendo 64DD

The Nintendo 64DD (64DD, Roku Yon Dī Dī?, ロクヨンディーディー) ("DD" being short for "Disk Drive", and originally "Dynamic Drive") is a peripheral for the Nintendo 64 game console. It plugged into the N64 through the EXTension Port on the Nintendo 64's underside, and allowed the N64 to use proprietary 64 MB magneto-optical disks for expanded data storage. Although it had been announced before the launch of the N64, the 64DD's development was lengthy. It was eventually released in Japan when the console was in its twilight years. Scheduled for North American release in 2000, it was a commercial failure, and was never released outside of Japan.

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Nintendo 64DD - Games - Proposed Games
... The 64DD had several games announced for it that ended up either canceled or being released on game pak format only the following is a list of those games 7th Legion ... VII (development actually never started on Nintendo 64, was later released for the PlayStation) Fire Emblem 64 (scrapped, some elements of the plot was later used on the first Fire Emblem for Game Boy Advance, Fire ...