Nikolai Rynin - Interplanetary Communications

Interplanetary Communications

Rynin's encyclopedia contains the following nine volumes:

  • Dreams, Legends, and Early Fantasies
  • Spacecraft in Science Fiction
  • Radiant Energy: Science Fiction and Scientific Projects
  • Rockets
  • Theory of rocket propulsion
  • Superaviation and superartillery
  • K. E. Tsiolkoviskii; life, writings, and rockets
  • Theory of space flight
  • Astronavigation; theory, annals, bibliography, index.

They are available in English from NASA as follows:

  • Rynin, N.A. Interplanetary Flight and Communication. Washington, D.C.: NASA and NSF, 1970-71. (NASA TT F-640, TT F-642 through TT F-648) (Holdings: Vol. 1, Nos. 1 and 3; Vol. II, Nos. 4 and 6, Vol. III, Nos. 7, 8 and 9).

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