Night World - The Soulmate Principle

The Soulmate Principle

In the series, the soulmate principle is the theory that if two people are connected by a silver cord (which can be seen only by the soulmates), then they are soulmates. Since they are soulmates they can not live without each other. The silver cord can also be used by a person to sense what the soulmate is feeling. In Black Dawn, Maggie senses Delos's feelings by focusing on their silver cord. The strength of the soulmate connection differs.

Soulmates often discover their connection by accident, when the soulmates kiss or touch, or when one of them drinks the other's blood. In Secret Vampire, Poppy and James have been friends for years but realize they are soulmates only when James drinks Poppy's blood. In Daughters of Darkness, Mary-Lynnette and Ash each feel an electric jolt when they first shake hands. In The Chosen, Rashel's bare hand brushes Quinn's, and they both receive a shivering jolt. A soulmate also has the ability to completely enter his/her soulmate's mind. When this occurs, their minds are forcibly opened to each other and each can explore the other's memories, thoughts, and feelings freely. In Huntress, it is revealed that memories can be blocked, but any lapse in concentration or excessive time in a soulmate's mind will remove the blockages.

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