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Main Human Characters

Mary-Lynnette Carter - Mary-Lynnette is the protagonist in Daughter of Darkness. She is the older sister of Mark Carter, becomes a blood sister with the Redfern girls, and is the soulmate of Ash Redfern. Mary-Lynnette is an astronomy lover who spends her time star-watching at night and is more of a night person than a day person. She is curious about everything and thinks of herself as Nancy Drew. She is nicknamed Mare and is very protective of Mark, feeling responsible for him. She often displays an ironic sense of humor, is very strong, and talks to herself a lot. Even though she and Ash are soulmates, she doesn't follow him, but tells him to fix his past mistakes then come back. Mary-Lynnette has long brown hair with blue eyes. When she first meets Ash, she can't stop kicking him in the shins, which is her way of suppressing the urge to kiss him, so everyone thinks she has gone mad.

Mark Carter - Mark is Jade Redfern's soulmate, the younger brother of Mary-Lynette, and blood brother to the Redfern sisters. He is very shy and doesn't like to mix with others, but when he sees Jade for the first time, he falls in love. With Jade's help, he convinces the other two Redfern sisters not to kill him and Mary-Lynette. He has brown hair with blue eyes.

Eric Ross - Eric is one of the lead characters in Spellbinder and is a gentle boy whom everyone likes. He is shy and timid, yet he is one of the most popular boys in his school, with his sandy-colored hair and grey flecked-green eyes. He becomes Blaise's next target when she and Thea Harman move to town because he isn't bewitched by her and he falls in love with Thea. His and Thea's love risks her expulsion from the Night World as she breaks a very strong law that could end not only their lives but everyone else's.

David Blackburn - David is one of the lead characters in Dark Angel. He is the most popular boy in his school and is the boy Gillian Lennox had a secret crush on since the time she first saw him when she was twelve. David has brown hair with brown eyes and has tan skin. He reveals he loves Gillian when they go to a party after he hears of an affair between his longtime girlfriend, Tanya, and another boy.

Rashel Jordan - Rashel, also known as "The Cat" by vampires, is the most feared vampire hunter in the record of Night World. She uses the phrase "This Kitten Has Claws" when killing vampires, in memory of her mother, who used to call her "kitten," and makes a mark on her victim's forehead resembling a cat's claws. She is the protagonist of The Chosen. When she was five, her four-year-old best friend, Timmy, was kidnapped and changed into a vampire and her mother was killed by Hunter. This is the main reason she becomes a vampire hunter which leads her to meet her cold-hearted soulmate, Quinn, whom she originally wants to kill. She later hunts only "bad vampires," and she and Quinn are known as the best fighters when they join Circle Daybreak. On the author's website, it is revealed that she is in fact half-shapeshifter and is the twin sister of Raksha Keller. Rashel has long black hair which is tied back, and piercing green eyes.

Hannah Snow - Hannah is the protagonist of Soulmate and an Old Soul who has been reincarnated since the Stone Age when she first saw her soulmate Thierry. Thierry was known as Theorn at that time, while she was known as Hana of the Three Rivers. In each of her past lives, Hannah is killed by the first vampire, Maya Redfern, due to her loving Thierry. She has a birth mark on her right cheek (which is from the time Thierry accidentally killed her), long blonde hair, and grey eyes. She is a sweet girl and is known as the Lady of Circle Daybreak. In one of the short stories in the author's website, it is said that she has gone off to fight in the apocalypse.

Hugh Davis - Hugh is one of the characters in Huntress. He is a wakened Old Soul, which is extremely rare. Unlike most Old Souls, he remembers all of his past lives. According to Jez, he becomes smarter and more clearheaded with each life, and also more gentle. Hugh is a Daybreaker, and is the one to trust Jez enough to let her join Circle Daybreak. He is also the person who talks her into going to get the Wild Power from Morgead. Even though he isn't a fighter, he proves that he is somewhat capable when he fends off a werewolf by himself. Hugh is described as having longish light hair and gray eyes and is muscled but compact. It is hinted that he likes Jez as more than a good friend.

Maggie Neely - Maggie is the protagonist of the eighth book Black Dawn and is mentioned in a witches' prophecy as the "deliverer". Maggie is described as being careless and loves playing soccer. She is a strong girl who is admired by the witches and the only one who is able to handle Delos Redfern, her soulmate. Maggie has shoulder-length auburn hair with brown eyes. She is seventeen and is a Circle Daybreak member.

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