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Yoshiaki Fujiwara - Professional Wrestling Career - Newborn UWF, Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi, and Freelance (1989–present)
... In Newborn UWF, Fujiwara was clearly seen as the senior peer to Maeda, but eventually jobbed to him ... After Newborn UWF collapsed in December 1990, Fujiwara, Funaki, Suzuki and rookie Yusuke Fuke formed Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi (Gumi in Japanese means "group", but it is used in ...
Universal Wrestling Federation (Japan) - Newborn UWF
... Most of the original UWF roster left New Japan yet again in 1988 to reform the UWF as the Newborn UWF ... Newborn UWF actually started in March, with a superb card that set the standard for shoot-style wrestling to follow ... now wanted out, would be allowed to rejoin UWF and bring two of his disciples, Masakatsu Funaki and Minoru Suzuki, with him ...
Akira Maeda - Professional Wrestling Career - Newborn UWF (1988-1990)
... In 1988, Maeda formed Newborn UWF with Nobuhiko Takada and others, this time as its number one star, using the notoriety he gained in New Japan to draw large crowds ... Maeda's UWF became the first promotion to hold a show at the Tokyo Dome, drawing 60,000 to watch Maeda defeat Willy Wilhelm in the main event ... In December 1990, Newborn UWF dissolved due to disagreements over the direction of the company ...

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