Neutral Moresnet

Neutral Moresnet was a tiny Belgian-Prussian condominium that existed from 1816 to 1920 between present-day Belgium and Germany. Its northernmost border point at the Vaalserberg connected it to a quadripoint shared additionally with the Dutch Province of Limburg, which today is known as the "Three Country Point". Prior to Belgian independence in 1830, the territory was a Dutch-Prussian condominium. During the First World War, the territory was annexed into Prussia, although the allies did not recognise the annexation.

The former territory is now in the Belgian city of Kelmis. Today, it is especially of interest to Esperantists because of initiatives to found an Esperanto-speaking state on the territory in the early 20th century.

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Mayors Of Moresnet - History - Post-war History
... To distinguish it from the already existing town of Moresnet, Neutral Moresnet was renamed Kelmis (in French La Calamine) - after kelme, the local dialect word for zinc spar - while Prussian Moresnet was renamed Neu ... After 1920, Moresnet shared the history of Eupen and Malmedy ... In 1977, Kelmis absorbed the neighbouring communes of Neu-Moresnet and Hergenrath ...

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