Neural Tube Closes

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Neural Tube - Development
... There are 2 ways in which the neural tube develops Primary neurulation and Secondary neurulation ... Primary neurulation divides the ectoderm into three cell types, the neural tube, which is internally located, the epidermis, which is externally located, and the neural crest cells ... Primary neurulation begins after the neural plate has formed ...
Teratology - Teratogenic Agents - Environmental Teratogenic Agents
... may cause ear malformations, facial abnormalities, cleft palate and open neural tube defect ... Register of Lithium Babies included heart and large vessel anomalies, Ebstein's anomaly, neural tube defects, talipes, microtia, and thyroid anomalies ... a positive association between in utero exposure and cardiovascular defects, neural tube defects and limb defects ...
Choline - Role in Humans - Pregnancy and Brain Development
... However, because of the close interplay between choline, folate, methionine, and vitamin B12, (whose pathways overlap)the function of choline can be complex ... as acetylcholine, (an uncommon occurrence outside of neural tissue) ... in getting choline in to the brain for use to prevent neural nonclosure and poor brain development ...

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