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Motor Coordination

Oscillations have been commonly reported in the motor system. Pfurtscheller and colleagues found a reduction in alpha (8–12 Hz) and beta (13–30 Hz) oscillations in EEG activity when subjects made a movement. Using intra-cortical recordings, similar changes in oscillatory activity were found in motor cortex when the monkeys performed motor acts that required significant attention. In addition, oscillations at spinal level become synchronised to beta oscillations in motor cortex during constant muscle activation, as determined by MEG/EEG-EMG coherence. Recently it was found that cortical oscillations propagate as travelling waves across the surface of the motor cortex along dominant spatial axes characteristic of the local circuitry of the motor cortex.

Oscillatory rhythms at 10 Hz have been recorded in a brain area called the inferior olive, which is associated with the cerebellum. These oscillations are also observed in motor output of physiological tremor and when performing slow finger movements. These findings may indicate that the human brain controls continuous movements intermittently. In support, it was shown that these movement discontinuities are directly correlated to oscillatory activity in a cerebello-thalamo-cortical loop, which may represent a neural mechanism for the intermittent motor control.

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