Neural Net

  • (noun): Computer architecture in which processors are connected in a manner suggestive of connections between neurons; can learn by trial and error.
    Synonyms: neural network
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Info-gap Decision Theory - Applications - Engineering
... Another engineering application involves the design of a neural net for detecting faults in a mechanical system, based on real-time measurements ... idiosyncratic, so that training data for the neural net will tend to differ substantially from data obtained from real-time faults after the net has been trained ... info-gap robustness strategy enables one to design the neural net to be robust to the disparity between training data and future real events ...
Hardware (comics) - Weapons
... renders anyone whoever inhales it unconscious for several minutes) Neural Net (releases a cohesive electrical field that painfully disrupts the nervous system of anyone it touches) Complex Polymer (a ... laser pen (that temporarily blinds opponents), a neural net cannon (that produce effects like the omnicannon’s neural net shells), a machine gun that fires explosive bullets, a "nova burst" (an extremely powerful ...

More definitions of "neural net":

  • (noun): Any network of neurons or nuclei that function together to perform some function in the body.
    Synonyms: neural network

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    Mental events such as perceivings, rememberings, decisions, and actions resist capture in the net of physical theory.
    Donald Davidson (b. 1917)