Nepenthes Mikei

Nepenthes mikei ( /nɨˈpɛnθiːz ˈmɪki.aɪ/) is a tropical pitcher plant endemic to Sumatra. It is characterised by its black mottled lower and upper pitchers. The species is closely related to N. angasanensis and N. tobaica.

The specific epithet mikei honours Mike Hopkins, who co-discovered the species with the describing authors.

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Nepenthes Mikei - Description
... Nepenthes mikei is a climbing plant growing to a height of 7 m ... Nepenthes mikei is noted for rapidly transitioning from a rosette to a climbing stage sequential internodal lengths of 2–3 mm and 10 cm have been recorded ... Nepenthes mikei has a racemose inflorescence measuring up to 18 cm in length by 1.8 cm in diameter ...
Nepenthes Mikei - Notes
... mikei, B.Salmon R.Maulder 221718, was collected at the same elevation as the holotype and pressed on the same day ...