Nematic Liquid Crystal

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Examples of Nucleation
... and artificial crystallization process (of formation of solid crystals from a homogeneous solution) starts with a nucleation event ... released from a container of carbonated liquid ... Nucleation in boiling can occur in the bulk liquid if the pressure is reduced so that the liquid becomes superheated with respect to the pressure-dependent boiling point ...
Nuclear Fuel - Liquid Fuels
... Liquid fuels are liquids containing dissolved nuclear fuel ... Liquid-fueled reactors generally have large negative feedback mechanisms and therefore are particularly stable designs however the liquid fuel form also has the disadvantage of being easily ...
... Globule can refer to Bok globule, dark clouds of dense cosmic dust Drop (liquid), small column of liquid Antibubbles of liquid on top of a surface of liquid ...
... simply as "Optimo," the club takes its name from the eponymous Liquid Liquid song and 1983 EP title ... Peaches, Isolée, Shitdisco, Chicks on Speed, Liquid Liquid, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Richie Hawtin, The Long Blondes, The Presets, Voxtrot, TV on the Radio ...
Martin Schadt - Awards
... decisive contributions to the knowledge of liquid crystal materials, their physical properties and electro-optics which have formed a basis for the breakthrough of a new display technology ... to practice of high information content liquid crystal displays." Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize highest recognition Award of SID, 1992, "For his outstanding and sustained scientific and ... of their invention and their development of Liquid Crystal Displays) ...

Famous quotes containing the words crystal and/or liquid:

    We have ... a thirst unquenchable, to allay which he has not shown us the crystal springs. This thirst belongs to the immortality of Man.... It is no mere appreciation of the Beauty before us—but a wild effort to reach the Beauty above.
    Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1849)

    Taking a good mouthful, I felt as though I had taken liquid fire; the tomato was chile colorado, or red pepper, of the purest kind. It nearly killed me, and I saw Gómez’ eyes twinkle for he saw that his share of supper was increased.
    —For the State of California, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)