Needmore can refer to:

  • Needmore, Echols County, Georgia
  • Needmore, Brown County, Indiana
  • Needmore, Lawrence County, Indiana
  • Needmore, Vermillion County, Indiana
  • Needmore, Ballard County, Kentucky
  • Needmore, Owen County, Kentucky
  • Needmore, Bailey County, Texas
  • Needmore, Delta County, Texas
  • Needmore, Nacogdoches County, Texas
  • Needmore, Terry County, Texas
  • Needmore, Virginia
  • Needmore, West Virginia
  • Needmore, the Virginia home of William Overton Callis
  • Needmore, Pennsylvania, a real life town referenced in the "Hiatus" episode of television show 30 Rock

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Chester Township, Eaton County, Michigan - Communities
... Needmore is a tiny unincorporated community in the northeast corner of the township, along the boundary with Roxand Township at 42°41′00″N 84°51′22″W / 42.6833333°N 84.85611°W / 42.6833333 ...
Marcellus Formation - Geology - Stratigraphy - Underlying
... overlies the Onesquethaw Group, consisting of the dark gray or green, calcitic, mostly nonfissil Needmore Shale, which grades westward into the Huntersville ... Milboro is gradational with the underlying Needmore Formation shale ... of the Mason-Dixon line, due to the difficulty in differentiating the Millboro and Needmore shales with the limited exposures available, and initial uncertainty in correlation with the New ...