Nazis, Communists, Klansmen, and Others On The Fringe - Organization


  • Preface
  • Part I. Background, Characteristics, Motivations, and Other Considerations
    Chapter 1. It's Not New: Historical Perspective on American Extremism Prior to 1960
    Chapter 2. What Is Extremism? Style and Tactics Matter More Than Goals
    Chapter 3. Extremists and the Constitution
    Chapter 4. Motivations: Why They Join, Stay, Leave
  • Part II. The Far Left
    Chapter 5. Communist Party USA
    Chapter 6. Socialist Workers Party
    Chapter 7. Spartacist League
    Chapter 8. Workers League
    Chapter 9. Guardian
    Chapter 10. Black Panther Party
    Chapter 11. Students for a Democratic Society
    Chapter 12. Progressive Labor Party
    Chapter 13. Workers World Party
    Chapter 14. Communist Party USA (Marxist-Leninist)
    Chapter 15. Revolutionary Action Movement
    Chapter 16. Revolutionary Communist Party
    Chapter 17. Communist Workers Party
    Chapter 18. All African People's Revolutionary Party
    Chapter 19. Marxist-Leninist Party, USA
  • Part III. The Far Right
    Chapter 20. Reverend Billy James Hargis and his Christian Crusade
    Chapter 21. The John Birch Society: A Plot to Sell Books?
    Chapter 22. The Dan Smoot Report
    Chapter 23. "Life Line"
    Chapter 24. The Church League of America
    Chapter 25. The Christian Right
    Chapter 26. Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby
    Chapter 27. The Citizens' Councils of America and The Councilor
    Chapter 28. Robert Bolivar DePugh and the Minutemen
    Chapter 29. Common Sense
    Chapter 30. Gerald L.K. Smith and Christian Nationalist Crusade
    Chapter 31. The LaRouche Network
    Chapter 32. Jewish Defense League
    Chapter 33. The Nation of Islam
    Chapter 34. Assorted Neo-Nazis
  • National Renaissance Party
  • American Nazi Party
  • National Socialist Party of America
  • Neo-Nazi splinters and sects like
  • America First Committee
  • American White Nationalist Party
  • Euro-American Alliance
  • National Alliance
  • National Democratic Front
  • National Socialist League/World Service
  • National Socialist Liberation Front
  • National Socialist Movement
  • National Socialist Vanguard
  • National Socialist White America Party
  • National Socialist White Workers Party
  • the Social Nationalist Aryan Peoples Party
  • SS Action Group,
  • United White Peoples Party
  • major groups of the 1980s like Aryan Nations
  • The Mountain Church of Jesus Christ
  • The Order
  • Posse Comitatus
  • White Aryan Resistance
Chapter 35. The National States' Rights Party
Chapter 36. National Christian Publishers
Chapter 37. Ku Klux Klans
  • Appendix I. Fake Quotes and Fabricated Documents: A Common Extremist Tactic
  • Appendix II. Principal Characteristics of the Extremes and the Mainstream in America: A Handy Guide for Extremist Watchers
  • Index

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