Naval Base

A naval base (military port) is a military base, where warships and naval ships are deployed when they have no mission at sea or want to restock. Usually ships may also perform some minor repairs. Some naval bases are temporary homes to aircraft that usually stay on the ships but are undergoing maintenance while the ship is in port.

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Naval Base, Western Australia
... Naval Base is a heavy industrial suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located within the Town of Kwinana ... Calista Casuarina Hope Valley Kwinana Beach Kwinana Town Centre Leda Mandogalup Medina Naval Base Orelia Parmelia Postans The Spectacles Wandi ...
Salamis Naval Base - Structure and Activities
... Salamis Naval Base belongs to the Hellenic Navy Logistics Command ... Ship movements, docks, jetties and base security Salamis Naval Hospital (ΝΝΣ) General procurement and supplies service (ΝΣ/ΔΕ) Fuel supply service (ΝΣ/ΔΚ) Naval ...
Beirut Naval Base
... Beirut Naval Base (Arabic قاعدة بيروت البحرية Kaidat Beirut al Bahriyah‎) is the first naval base and the headquarters of the Lebanese Navy, established in 1950 ... The base comprises a part of Port of Beirut ...
Salamis Naval Base - History
... The first organized Greek Naval Base during the Greek War of Independence (1821 Revolution) was founded on Hydra Island in 1827 and soon after was relocated to Poros ... The facility remained in use as the main naval base of the Royal Hellenic Navy until 1881 is still used today for naval personnel training ... On April 16, 1881, a Royal Decree directed that a new naval base would be built in Salamis, at a location then called Arapi, near Akra (Cape) Arapis ...
Syrian Navy - History - Tartus
... See also Russian naval base in Tartus Tartus hosts a Soviet-era naval supply and maintenance base, under a 1971 agreement with Syria ... The base was established during the Cold War to support the Soviet Navy's fleet in the Mediterranean Sea ... conducted talks about allowing Russia to develop and enlarge its naval base, so that Russia can strengthen its naval presence in the Mediterranean ...

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    It is now time to stop and to ask ourselves the question which my last commanding officer, Admiral Hyman Rickover, asked me and every other young naval officer who serves or has served in an atomic submarine. For our Nation M for all of us M that question is, “Why not the best?”
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