Natural Sciences (Cambridge)

Natural Sciences (Cambridge)

The Natural Sciences Tripos (NST) is one of the several courses which form the University of Cambridge system of undergraduate teaching (which is called Tripos). It is known for its broad range of study in the first year, in which students cannot study just one discipline, but instead must choose three courses in different areas of the natural sciences and one in mathematics. As is traditional at Cambridge, the degree awarded after Part II is a BA. An MSci is available to those who take the optional Part III.

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Natural Sciences (Cambridge) - Student Numbers
... As a result of this structure, the NaturalSciences Tripos has by far the largest number of students of any Tripos ... options in first year.) The split tends to be about 5050 between the physical and biological sciences ... In 2007, 2112 students applied and 639 were admitted to the NaturalSciences Tripos ...

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