Natural Religion

Natural religion might have the following meanings:

  • In the modern study of religion it is used to refer to the notion that there is a spontaneous religious apprehension of the world common to all human beings, see:
    • Urreligion
    • origin of religion
    • anthropology of religion
  • As a reverent form of nature worship, embodied in a well-known quote from Frank Lloyd Wright: "I believe in God, only I spell it Nature."
  • Referring to the religions of people prior to their Christianization.

Other articles related to "natural religion, religion, natural":

John Henry Newman - Theologian
... Newman developed a distinction between natural religion and revealed religion ... Revealed religion is the Judeo-Christian revelation which finds its fulfilment in Jesus Christ ... Natural religion refers to the knowledge of God and divine things that has been acquired outside the Judeo-Christian revelation ...
The History of Classical Deism - Deism in Britain - David Hume
... English deism, however, was already in decline before Hume's works on religion (1757,1779) were published ... writers maintain that Hume's writings on religion were not very influential at the time that they were published ... Hume's skepticism about miracles makes him a natural ally of deism ...

Famous quotes containing the words religion and/or natural:

    We seem to be pariahs alike in the visible and the invisible world, with no foothold anywhere, though by every principle of government and religion we should have an equal place on this planet.
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815–1902)

    Art is not tame, and Nature is not wild, in the ordinary sense. A perfect work of man’s art would also be wild or natural in a good sense.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)