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SECAM Varieties - MESECAM (home Recording)
... MESECAM is a method of recording SECAM color signals onto VHS video tape ... "Native" SECAM recording was originally devised for machines sold for the French market ... At a later stage, countries where both PAL and SECAM signals were available (notably the Middle East, hence the Acronym "Middle East SECAM"), developed a cheap method ...
SECAM Varieties - MESECAM (home Recording) - Technical Background
... The SECAM sub carriers on the other hand, consisting of two simple FM signals at 4.41 MHz and 4.25 MHz, do not need such complex processing ... The VHS specification for "native" SECAM recording requires that they be divided by 4 on recording to give sub carriers of approximately 1.1 MHz and 1.06 MHz, and multiplied by 4 again ... A true dual-standard PAL and SECAM video recorder therefore requires two color processing circuits, adding to complexity and expense ...

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