National Unity Government

A national unity government, government of national unity, or national union government is a broad coalition government consisting of all parties (or all major parties) in the legislature, usually formed during a time of war or other national emergency.

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National Unity Government - National Parties
... Some countries such as New Zealand have or have had a National Party, which can lead to the use of the phrase "National government" when it is in power ... Such governments are not national governments in the sense of this article ...
Second Round Of Voting In The 2008 Zimbabwean Presidential Election - Continued Campaigning, Incidents
... policy against political activity", while the US government condemned the suspension ... effort to derail our campaign programme", while the US government called the incident "deeply disturbing" and the German government demanded his release Amnesty International said that it was "part ... The US government said the attack was "absolutely outrageous" and, along with the UK government, asked for an explanation of the incident ...
Zimbabwean Presidential Election, 2008 - SADC Emergency Meeting - Allegations of Violence, Further International Response
... Nkala, one of the founders of the Zimbabwe African National Union and a former Defence Minister, appealed to Mugabe to retire because he had been rejected by the people ... by criminals and people who can not be employed if they leave government ... round majority he opposed holding a run-off and favoured the formation of a transitional government of national unity followed by a new election ...
Second Round Of Voting In The 2008 Zimbabwean Presidential Election - Second Round Voting and Aftermath
... called for "serious dialogue" between political parties to promote greater "unity and cooperation" ... humbled" by his re-election and pledged that his government would concentrate on empowering the people in all sectors of the economy as part of efforts to "improve the economy and living standards ... The government also dismissed the possibility on the same day, saying that Zimbabwe could solve its political issues in its own way, without copying the Kenyan power-sharing model ...
Waiting Period (Six-Day War) - National Unity Government
... Gahal representatives Menachem Begin and Yosef Sapir joined the government and were appointed ministers without portfolio ... It was the first unity government established in the State of Israel, and in this time was called Memshelet Likud Leumi ...

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    Doctor, I want you to make it known to your government that it can trust us implicitly, for we do not want any of your territory. We only want your trade.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    Disney World has acquired by now something of the air of a national shrine. American parents who don’t take their children there sense obscurely that they have failed in some fundamental way, like Muslims who never made it to Mecca.
    Simon Hoggart (b. 1946)

    Certainly for us of the modern world, with its conflicting claims, its entangled interests, distracted by so many sorrows, so many preoccupations, so bewildering an experience, the problem of unity with ourselves in blitheness and repose, is far harder than it was for the Greek within the simple terms of antique life. Yet, not less than ever, the intellect demands completeness, centrality.
    Walter Pater (1839–1894)