National Robotics Challenge - List of 12 Contests That Will Take Place During The April 15th-17th, 2010 Event

List of 12 Contests That Will Take Place During The April 15th-17th, 2010 Event

Links displayed are just a few of the previous suppliers and kits used to compete in the listed events.

  • In the Manufacturing Model contest, the participants design, construct, and operate a system that performs more than one manufacturing processes using lego or fischertechnik systems.
  • The AgBot Challenge contest challenges the student teams to design, construct, program

and operate a battery powered lego robot for use in an agricultural simulation

  • SUMO Robot: in which two robots (RC or autonomous) try to push each other out of the playing circle.
  • Mini-SUMO Robot: the same as SUMO Robot, but with a smaller mini sumo robots and playing circle.
  • Manufacturing Robotic Work Cell: in which contestants design, create and operate a system that can perform at least one manufacturing process.
  • Pick and Place Programming: in which contestants write programs that will allow an Intelitek robot to pick up and drop certain items.
  • Robot Construction - Open: in which contestants choose a task, then design, make and operate a robot that will do that task.
  • Robot Maze Contest: in which contestants navigate a maze using a tactile or non-tactile 'mouse'.
  • Top of the Hill: in which robots navigate a Moonscape with obstacles and try and retrieve ping pong balls.
  • Robotic Problem Solving: in which contestants use the materials and software provided to create a Robix robot that will solve a common problem which occurs in manufacturing plants.
  • Hockey Robot: in which two teams, each with two robots, go head to head in a hockey-like competition.
  • Math Machine Challenge - Students use Math Machine robots with Texas Instruments programmable Ti-83/84 graphing calculators to solve mathematics problems using geometry and Algebraic expressions.

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