National Forensic League - Events


Each year, the NFL hosts the National Speech and Debate Tournament. This tournament attracts over 3000 high school students who compete for national honors in a wide variety of events. These events include:

  • Policy Debate (Cross Examination: CX)
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate (LD)
  • Public Forum Debate (PUFO, PFD, PF, Ted Turner Debate, Puff, or Pofo)
  • Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking (FX or IX)
  • Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking (DX, USX, or NX)
  • Original Oratory (OO)
  • Dramatic Interpretation (DI)
  • Humorous Interpretation (HI)
  • Duo Interpretation (DUO)
  • Congressional Debate (Congress, or StuCo)

Students who qualify to the National Tournament in a main event yet are eliminated in the preliminary rounds may participate in one of the following Supplemental Events:

  • Prose Interpretation {PR or Prose}
  • Poetry Interpretation {PO or Poetry}
  • Extemporaneous Commentary
  • Expository Address

In addition to Supplemental Events, these Consolation Events are also held at the National Tournament:

  • Impromptu Speaking
  • Storytelling

There is also an event that is being taken through a test phase. This event is called parliamentary debate. It is being tested and if it turns out to be a success, it will be inducted as an official NFL event.

All the above events are NFL-sponsored events which one can compete in at the NFL National Tournament. There is also talk of Prose and Poetry becoming full events at the National Tournament, but no additional information has been provided.

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