National CSS

National CSS

National CSS, Inc. (NCSS) was a time-sharing firm in the 1960-80s, until its acquisition by Dun & Bradstreet in 1979. NCSS was originally headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, but relocated to Wilton in 1978. Sales offices, data centers, and development facilities were located at various sites throughout the U.S. Additional sales offices were active in the UK and elsewhere.

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... VP/CSS was a time-sharing operating system developed by National CSS ... in-house development, in what today would be termed a software fork, National CSS took VP/CSS in a different direction from CP/CMS ... VP/CSS ran on IBM and IBM plug compatible hardware owned by NCSS (and by a few customers with site licenses, including Bank of America and Standard Oil of California) ...
VP/CSS - NCSS Enhancements
... In 1968, the founders of National CSS saw that the CP/CMS operating system would be a good foundation for a time-sharing business – because of the ... National CSS quickly discovered, however, that CP/CMS initial performance was not adequate to sustain profitable operations – that, literally, selling every ... At the end of its lifespan, VP/CSS had diverged a long way from its CP/CMS roots, and boasted a surprising array of features, some of which would be considered quite modern even today ...

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