National Baptist Convention

National Baptist Convention may refer to:

One of several historically African-American Christian denominations
  • National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., the oldest and largest denomination using this name, formed in the late 19th century
  • National Baptist Convention of America, Inc., formed in 1915 as a result of a split within the association now called National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.
  • Progressive National Baptist Convention, formed in 1961 as a result of a split within the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.
  • National Missionary Baptist Convention of America, formed in 1988 as a result of a split within the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.
An event
  • Joint National Baptist Convention, an event held periodically (generally every four years) in which the four above conventions meet.
A Baptist association in Brazil
  • National Baptist Convention, Brazil

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Lucie Campbell
... members later were added to form a thousand-voice choir that performed at the National Baptist Convention ... At the organizational meeting of the National Sunday and Baptist Training Union Congress held in Memphis in 1915, "Miss Lucie" was elected as Music ... "Miss Lucie" introduced Marian Anderson to the National Baptist Convention and served as her accompanist ...
Institutional Missionary Baptist Conference Of America
... The Institutional Missionary Baptist Conference of America is a recent division of the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America, which was formed on November 15, 1988 ... Lockridge of San Diego, California was elected president of the Convention and served until his retirement in 1994 ... contested elections eventually brought about the formation of the Institutional Missionary Baptist Conference of America around 1999 ...
National Baptist Convention Of Mexico
... The Convención Nacional Bautista de México (National Baptist Convention of Mexico) is the oldest and largest Baptist group in Mexico ... The first evangelical church in Mexico was a Baptist church organized on January 30, 1864 in Monterrey, Nuevo León ... James Hickey, a Baptist and a member of the American Bible Society, constituted this church with himself and four other members - Thomas Westrup, José Maria Uranga, Arcadio ...
Christian Denominational Families - Protestantism - Baptists
... Main article Baptists See also Baptist beliefs, List of Baptist confessions, and List of Baptist sub-denominations Note All Baptist associations are congregationalist affiliations for the purpose of ... The most prominent Baptist organizations in the United States are the American Baptist Association, tending to be more liberal, the National Baptist Convention, tending to be more ... Alliance of Baptists American Baptist Association American Baptist Churches USA Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland Association of Grace Baptist Churches Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of ...
National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. - Higher Education Institution Affiliates
... Shaw University Virginia Union University American Baptist College Selma University Florida Memorial University Virginia University of Lynchburg Morehouse College Morehouse School of Religion ...

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